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Amazing Medieval Armor

Amazing Medieval Armor

This beautiful and very functional armor was made in Milan, Italy around year 1590. It is one of the last creations of master Pompeo della Chiesa. The armor has seen real battles and is not complete – some pieces are missing, but there is enough left to be classified as a true masterpiece.

Chiesa used numerous tricks to make the armor both comfortable and strong, to provide excellent protection without hindering movement. Some examples of this are the numerous small plates covering the fingers to allow all joints to be used, shoulder and elbow joints made of several overlapping plates and special hinges for the helmet to guarantee neck protection without blocking head movements.

It is likely that the armor was worn by a knight of the order “Knights of Malta” as there is a Maltese cross engraved on the inside of the breastplate. It should be noted that the excellent engraving is made with gold, very elegantly.