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Abstract Paper Figures

Abstract Paper Figures

It is hard to believe, but the three-dimensional shapes you see are made by hand from plain paper. They resemble complex organic entities which can be observed under a microscope. However, their creation requires only scissors, glue, paper and… wizard-like talent.

English artist Richard Sweeney handcrafts stunning modular pieces of paper. Starting the process of creating a sculpture with a conventional folding a sheet of paper, in the end he gets incredible multi-faceted abstract forms. Some of his pieces can fit in your palm, while others are over 3 meters tall.

Richard’s developed interest in design began while he was still a child. First he attended the Batley art school, after this he joined the Manchester Metropolitan University in to study 3D design. The skills he acquired there are actively used in creation of modular sculptures out of paper.

Initially, Richard was making figures using only imagination and technical skills. With the latest advancements of computer technology, now all the preparatory work on the design and calculations he does using computer assisted design (CAD). A feature that all audiences find impressive is that often his creations rely on the paper folds to hold the structure – without any glue.

To this date the artist has lectured at universities in many countries, regularly conducts master classes for creating 3D-shapes. Some of his works are presented in galleries in London.