A Train Carved From A Pencil Graphite

Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 04:26
A Train Carved From A Pencil Graphite

Numerous artists create artwork using pencils. Cindy Chinn, however is different – she uses the graphite that is still in the pencil to carve delicate and impressive pieces. Her most complicated project is a train made from a single pencil, but let us show you some other amazing things. One of her first works was influenced by the song “If I had a hammer….” by Pete Seeger and according to Cindy was “Lot’s of fun to carve”.

Here you can see a maple leaf carved from the tip of a pencil and from up close her artwork is even more impressive. The masterpiece is a train going through a tunnel. Cindy has managed to use not only the graphite but the whole pencil in this piece, showing both great skill and inspiration.

Cindy Chinn – http://www.cindychinn.com/